Hair Transplant

Suffering from hair loss is not a new issue, but today it is no longer that big problem with the development of medical and cosmetic techniques and treatment.
Today, hair transplantation operations are widespread and have multiple techniques according to each case and its severity, and Turkey is one of the best countries in the world in terms of efficiency for hair transplantation and its latest techniques.
In the reality clinic, we rely on cooperation with the best medical centers and expertise to provide hair transplantation with its technologies, the most important of which are fue, microfue, DHI or Shoi.

Hair transplant operations in a reality clinic

The causes of hair loss for men and women vary according to health symptoms or aging, etc., and this lost hair can be compensated and the appearance and youthfulness restored by planting follicles in the bald areas using the most appropriate technique.

The eyebrow is an important part of the aesthetics of the face and the eye, and eyebrow transplantation operations help to give the eyebrows a more consistent and intense appearance for a longer period, for those who suffer from light and asymmetric eyebrows.

Beard is a prominent and important aspect of beauty for men, and its abundance and coordination are considered crucial issues. Beard hair transplantation processes contribute to revitalizing its appearance and filling its spaces, and the method of cultivation and the direction of hair growth are taken into account in this process.

Some diabetic patients lose their head hair due to the disease and its effects, and hair transplantation operations help to perform transplantation to restore the lost hair with techniques appropriate to their health condition.

In general, the process of hair transplantation goes through three stages according to the technique used, the first of which is the opening of the channels, then the stage of extraction of the follicles from the donor area, and then the stage of planting the follicles in the bald areas.

And we in Reality Clinic offer you all the necessary medical advice and notes before and after implantation so that the success of the work is more guaranteed.

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