Heart treatment

In our age, heart diseases are more and more so that they threaten the lives of many, and medical efforts are still working every day to develop therapeutic solutions for them to mitigate their effects.

There are many causes of heart disease, including blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, or drinking alcoholic beverages, or for neurological reasons.

When thinking about treating these diseases, we must think about the most appropriate medical direction, given the sensitivity of the heart muscle and its articulation in people’s lives.

Turkish hospitals are considered one of the best hospitals in the world in treating cardiovascular diseases.

Treatments for heart disease in Reality Clinic

The main goal of open heart surgeries is to reach the heart muscle to improve blood flow to it, and it is used by people who suffer from coronary artery disease or hardening of the blood vessels.

The heart has four valves essential to allow the passage of blood into the chambers of the heart in one direction to facilitate the processes of blood flow, and the valves may narrow or fail and become unable to do their tasks and it is important to replace them.

And in Reality Clinic, we take great care of dealing with the most qualified experts and doctors to provide excellent and upscale health care in heart treatments and diseases.

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