Teeth health

Teeth are the radiance of the face and its prominent beauty component, and its health is one of the priorities of every person’s care, so preserving the health and luster of the teeth reflects on the health of the whole body and also on a person’s self-confidence and beauty.
And when choosing the medical body that is most appropriate for dental care, one should not be complacent, choose the one that adopts hygiene and sterilization first and use the latest technologies and equipment secondly to obtain healthy and guaranteed results.
In Turkey, we find many leading medical centers in the field of dental care, surgery and cosmetology, who adopt the latest advanced technologies in addition to perfect hygiene.

Dental health operations in a reality clinic

Loss of teeth is one of the serious problems that affect oral health and its ability to perform its tasks in chewing food as well as causing diseases of the mouth and body and unpleasant odors for the mouth, and dental implants come as an appropriate and radical solution to get rid of the problem and the attending physician determines the patient’s eligibility for surgery by placing the jawbones and the health The patient, and the transplant can last a lifetime without any risks.

Obtaining an ideal smile similar to the smiles of stars and celebrities is a requirement of many, and medical technologies today allow this procedure through thin peels of veneers that are placed on the front of the teeth to give them a bright color.

The color of the teeth is one of the most important elements of their beauty and health, and they may be subjected to yellowing and change of color due to the pigments of some types of foods and drinks, and daily cleaning becomes useless for them.

In Reality Clinic, you will find with us the best medical expertise and competencies in Turkey for cosmetic and surgical dental treatment with impressive and guaranteed results.

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